Waterblasting - road markings and rubber removal

In spring 2008 we introduced the first high-pressure water jet machine in the Czech Republic – Stripe Hog 8000 manufactured by Waterblasting Technologies Inc. in Florida. This system consists of ultra-high pressure water pump, working with the maximum pressure of 2.750 bars, supplemented by vacuum recovery system, mounted on MAN chassis. Both water and vacuum systems join into the hose on the top of the truck that leads to the back. There are 2 tanks located in the back - tank for clean water with the capacity of 10 000 liters and tank for vacuumed water and debris. Whole set is completed by self-propelled unit with single spray head connected to the pump and blower.

Waterblasting technology is used for:

  • Removal of all road marking types
  • Paint cleaning and rejuvenation
  • Surface preparation before road marking application
  • Concrete and asphalt surfaces retexturing
  • Runway cleaning and airport marking removal
  • Curing compound removal

One of the main reasons why investors and customers prefer water jet removal is the speed of work. With this method we are able to remove approximately 2 kilometers of one-component linear road marking per hour. When it comes to concrete blasting, the speed increases up to 4 kilometers per hour, using blasting width up to 180 cm. When removing durable materials, performance lowers in dependence on the thickness, type of road marking material and surface. The goal of every operator is to minimize the damage caused to the surface, which is prior to work speed. When removing rubber at the airport landing ground, we are able to achieve maximum removal speed of 3.500 to 4.000 square meters per hour.

Another crucial factor of choice is the price of removal. By using the most advanced and modern technology, the customer does not pay more than for the old methods used so far. In addition, Stripe Hog removes and instantly vacuums 99% of dirty water and debris so there is no additional pollution of environment or air. It is possible to paint new road marking immediately after the surface is dry. This prevents further road closures and additional expenses.

Excluding winter downtime due to the freezing months Stripe Hog has been used and tested in the removal of all types of horizontal road marking on roads, highways and airports. In 2008, on highway D47 near Lipnik nad Becvou, Stripe Hog was used for the first time for curing compound removal before the application of profiled thermoplastic and later on for concrete surfaces cleaning.

Landing ground in Košice is an extreme example of combination of efficiency and speed. In 4 days, 2000 square meters of thermoplastic, somewhere even up to 8 millimeters thick were removed. All the work was done without interrupting the airport traffic. Another available methods of removal did not work and the airport manager considered using much more expensive grinding of the surface. Saved costs without interrupting the airport traffic led to another contract of similar size in 2009.

Stripe Hog is an entirely new method of retexturing concrete and asphalt surfaces of streets and highways. It renews the texture and also improves roughness values. In cooperation with The Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic a test stage on Prague Ring was selected and in April 2009, 100 meters of concrete surface with insufficient roughness values were blasted. In periodic intervals the measurements were taken in order to find out the actual roughness values in common traffic. The reason was to confirm the positive experience from abroad, mainly from the United States, where this method is standardly used. Similar measurement results of asphalt surfaces are available from the United Kingdom.