Key Features

  • Renewable and maintenance free green energy - no electrical supply required
  • Low unit & installation cost
  • Simple installation with no operational costs
  • Tough design with a durability of 8 yrs+ anticipated
  • Designed and fully tested in the UK to operate in Western European weather conditions
  • CE accredited and IP68 certified
  • 360° omni directional LED
  • Bat hat option available for conservation sensitive areas
  • Specifically designed for cycle paths and pedestrian areas

Installation Advantages

  • Quick and cost effective installation; each SolarEye only requires a shallow 80 mm cut allowing an installation of up to 200 pieces per day
  • Using a unique milling cutter, no potentially harmful dust is created during installation and no extraction equipment is needed
  • Minimal disruption (adhesive takes 30 mins to dry) - full set is ready 24 hours later - subject to temperature


  • Constructed from durable engineering grade polymer
  • Low profile - nominal 6 mm when installed
  • Easy for pedestrians/cyclist to ride over
  • Good night delineation
  • LED life - 100,000 hrs
  • Light sensitive auto on/off for economical operation
  • Realistically priced and designed based on market feedback
  • Installation service available
  • Operational performance based upon actual Western European weather/sunlight - with the objective of CO2 neutrality
  • Fully sealed integrated unit - 100% waterproof

Delineation Applications

  • Cycle tracks and pedestrian walkways  (Osvětlení cyklostezky). 
  • Car parks
  • Driveways for golf courses & decorative patio lighting
  • Boat marinas & dock areas
  • Campuses & large residential areas
  • Caravans & camp sites

Product Range

  • LED signal: Steady or slow flash
  • Standard colours (min 20): White steady, Red flash and Bat Hat
  • Special colours to order (min 40): Yellow, Green and Blue steady or flash, Red steady and White flash
  • Packed in boxes of 20: 5,5 kg per box

Technical characteristics

  • Material: High impact durable engineering grade polymer
  • Light source: LED (100,000 hrs life)
  • Battery: Long life LFP type battery (8 yrs + anticipated)
  • Working temperature: -20 °C to +70 °C
  • Body dimensions: 80 mm diameter
  • Installed height: 6 mm nominal
  • Milling depth: 30 mm
  • Weight: 275 g
  • Fixing adhesive: Single or 2 component moisture tolerant epoxy
  • Working time after full charge: Flashing 400 hrs+, steady 200 hrs+
  • Flash rate: 1 sec on, 1 sec off
  • Waterproof quality: IP68
  • High visibility: Up to 500 m

Installation Advice

When you receive the SolarEye 80, the batteries will probably be completely discharged. Full operational performance (200+ hours non-stop) will not be achieved until the batteries have been fully charged. In direct sunlight, this can take up to 9 hours. For installations during winter months therefore, expect a slow build up to full performance - until the batteries gradually charge up. All solar powered products need exposure outdoors to direct sunlight to function correctly - so be sure to take this into account when selecting the positioning for the SolarEye product. Placement in areas of shade, or where the product becomes covered by debris/leaves or rubbish, may not allow the batteries to recharge correctly - adversely affecting performance. Remember that the SolarEye 80 has 1 central LED - so it is non directional. It has been designed to provide a good signal throughout 360 degrees i.e. from all approach angles/directions. This unique omnidirectional delineation signal, ensures economic usage and wide visibility for both pedestrians and cyclists outlining the curvature/direction of the path ahead.