Road stud STIM 101 CR

Permanent ploughable, temporary or self-adhesive retro-reflective road studs with increased reflection embedded into the road surface or adhered on the road. All types guarantee high visibility at night and under degraded weather conditions to provide optical and mechanical support for the driver.

Permanent ploughable road stud STIM type 101 and 101 CR.

Ploughable road stud with increased reflection in dry and wet conditions. Studs are visible from more than 300 meters and are ploughable by snow ploughs with iron edges thanks to their low profile. Increased durability and higher cleanness is achieved through a thin layer of glass on the reflective surface. Studs are protected by recyclable cast iron body.

These road studs meet CSN EN 1463-1, 1463-2 for permanent road studs, including the national annex.

Standard colors: white, blue, green, yellow, red 1-way or 2-way, red-white.

Other color combinations require minimum order quantity.